Kangaroos - Y1/2

We are all really enjoying our learning in Maths. Our new curriculum is very exciting and we are really developing our ability to talk about what we are learning and explain our reasoning.


Last week we had explored mixing tones in Art.  Here is some of our work.


We have had an excellent first week in the Kangaroos!

Here are some of our Year 1 children completing their first ever

'Big Write'


Kangaroo's Highlights July 2015

Jack and Lydia 'tied the knot' in our pretend double wedding.

Connor won the homework competition for designing and making a

habitat of his own choice. He made an underwater world.

We had fun in Art making outdoor sculptures in the style of Andy


In Maths we 'mastered' using arrays to understand the

'commutative  law'.

Kangaroo’s Highlights W/E 5.6.15
We visited the church as part of our R.E. work. Reverend Tony let Jack play the organ for us.  

Reverend Tony explained all of the different features of the church. We had to find them and say what each part of the church is used for. It was very interesting and we learnt a lot. Thank you Mrs Green for taking us.


Joanne Leighton,
6 May 2015, 08:14