Newington Academy Highlights

Welcome to our 'Highlights' page

Each week, the teachers at our school will select pieces of work and moments from their class that they think deserves a place on our

'Newington Academy Highlights Page'

See below to see who has made it into our Highlights so far...

     Ladybirds               Butterflies                   Hedgehogs                
      Ladybirds (FS1)                             Butterflies (FS2)                            Dolphins - FS/Y1                  Hedgehogs - Y1
     Kangaroos                    Squirrels                    Meerkats          Leopards
     Kangaroos - Y1/2                               Squirrels - Y2                              Meerkats - Y3                      Leopards - Y4 
     Panthers                  Tigers                           Lions - Year 6
         Panthers - Y4                           Tigers - Y5                                         Lions - Y6