Phonics & Reading Schemes

Phonics is taught in bespoke whole class and small group sessions from FS1 through to Year 2 . Children in Key Stage 2 also take part in a Phonics intervention program as needed. Our phonics teaching and learning is based upon the DFE ’Letters and Sounds Program’ . Teachers plan lessons based upon the teaching order of this program and supplement their teaching with resources and activities from Phonics Play and Pearson’s Bug Club. All planning is bespoke to the needs of the learners at that time and sounds and spelling patterns are revisited as necessary following formative assessment.  Phonics Bug Club resources can be accessed by the children at home and at school. The class teacher allocates books and activities to individual and groups of children based upon the level which each child is working at.

Phonics progression and attainment is tracked on a termly basis by the class teacher. All children progress to the next phonics phase with the whole teaching group. However, children who are not yet working fluently within the phase which has been taught are given targeted intervention to support their progress and attainment. This is in addition to the class phonics lesson. 


We have recently updated our reading scheme to Pearson’s Phonics Bug  and Bug Club. The reading books are classified by phonics phase and by a colour coded scheme which relates to the age related expectations for each year group. Children can also access reading materials at home through the active learn website.  Books are allocated by the class teacher to children on an individual and group basis.  

 All children are issued with a reading book and a home school reading diary as they enter school. It is an expectation that both teaching staff, teaching assistants and parents read with children on a regular basis and record the child’s progress into the diary to form a dialogue between home and school about the child’s progress in reading. 

Guided reading is taught in groups or as a whole class from Foundation Stage 2 to Year 6.  During guided reading session children are taught comprehension skills and are also given the opportunity to read of pleasure on a weekly basis. In September 2016 we hope to forge stronger links with the local library service. Each child will have a library ticket and they will visit the library once every 3 weeks to choose a book to read for pleasure. 

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