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Newington's Four A's


All children need to be at our academy everyday in order to get the highest level of education. Our children can also enjoy the wide range of exciting clubs, activities and opportunities which we offer either at the start of the day, during the lunch period or at 3pm. Children are required by law to attend the academy for 190 days per year. This leaves 175 days for holidays, appointments, weddings, shopping trips and any other out of academy activities.

Arriving on time

When a child is late it causes disruption to both the child and their entire class.  The academy day starts promptly at 8.45am, if your child arrives at the academy after 8.55am they will need to come to the reception desk and give their name to a member of staff. Should your child be repeatedly late you may be called to a meeting to discuss their punctuality and attendance.  If lateness persists the academy will liaise with the Education Welfare Department to discuss the best way forward for your child.


Just to remind you that we can only authorise absences if your child has an attendance record of 95% or above and, if the reason for absence is valid.  Absences for reasons such as coughs, colds and tiredness will not be authorised and may be reported to the Education Welfare Department. 

If your child is absent please contact us on 01482 305630 before 9.15am. If we do not hear from you we will either ring you or arrange for a home visit to be carried out.


If your child needs to see a Doctor or Dentist please ensure that their appointments are made outside the school day. If, in the case of emergencies, their appointment falls within the school day please ensure that they come into the academy before their appointment and are returned to the classroom afterwards.  Proof of appointment will be requested to ensure the absence is authorised.

Remember that there are plenty of holiday dates to book dental appointments in.