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Meet the Wolves

Welcome to the ‘WOLVES’ home page. Our class teacher is Mr Parkinson and our teaching assistant is Mrs Middlemas. You will see us on the playground every morning from 8.40am if you have any questions or messages.

Our P.E. times this term are Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday Morning. It is, however, recommended that pupils keep their P.E kit in school at all times as we often have extra P.E. sessions such as Freddy Fit.  


We will listen to children read every day so please ensure that your child's book bag and home reading book are brought to school every day. Please sign and date if you have heard your child read at home to enable us to change their book when they need to. Reading records will be checked and books changed on a weekly basis.


Homework will be handed out on a Friday to be returned on a Monday. You can also help your child by reading daily and signing your child's home - school reading record and practicing times tables and weekly spellings. 


In Wolves our topic this term is 'Roaming Romans'. In this topic we will travel back to Roman times and explore why Britain was invaded and settled by the Romans and what effects this had on the future of Britain. We will then study everything from gladiators and aqueducts to emperors and goddesses, in this cross-curricular topic, which will capture the children's imaginations.


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What have the Wolves been learning?

WC – 23rd November 2015

In our literacy lessons we have been recounting our school trip to the 'hands on History' and 'Street life' museums. We wrote a cold write of our trip, then we redrafted our work and finally we wrote up our final copy in our Big Write books.


In our Numeracy work, this week, the children have been multiplying 4 x 2 digit numbers.  

WC – 17th November 2015

In our Art, Design and Technology work this term, the children have been looking at Victorian Art and Artists. We started by looking at the popular types of art from this period; Arts and crafts in textiles, Silhouettes, The Pre-Raphaelites and Decoupage.

         We then began to focus on the Arts and crafts movement and in particular the work of William Morris. 

WC – 9th November 2015

In our Numeracy work, the children have been using their calculations skills to add and subtract 5 digit numbers. We have used both mental and written methods and will apply these skills to word problems later in the term.

In our literacy lessons we have been orally rehearsing and story mapping our class Victorian story ‘Tom the Chimney Boy’. The children have been working collaboratively to create a class story map in preparation for their Big Write retelling the story of ‘Tom the Chimney Boy’.

WC – 2nd  November 2015

In our Numeracy work, this week, the children have been comparing decimal numbers, to 3 decimal places, using the signs < > and =. The children have used place value to help them compare decimal numbers of different lengths.

In our literacy lessons we have been orally rehearsing and story-boarding our Victorian story ‘Tom the Chimney Boy’. The children have been using the storyboard to retell the story to their talk partners.

What have the Wolves been up to?

In Year 5 (Wolves) this term we have been learning predominantly about the Victorians. We have also been lucky enough to have had 2 special visits from local authors; Tracy Todd (Unscanned) and Jes Parkin (Tommy Ellis Goes to Sea). On both visits the class enjoyed a book reading, discussed the blurb, prologues and importance of having eye-catching front covers. Subsequently, the children took part in a short Questions and Answers session with the authors; were they could ask Tracy and Jes about what inspired them to be writers and their careers as authors. 

WC – 23rd November 2015

On Monday 23rd November, the whole of Y5 (Foxes and Wolves) went on our school trip to Hull’s Museum Quarter. We went because our theme at school has been ‘Dirt, Disease and Dickens, which means we have been learning all about the Victorian Era. Everyone had a wonderful day and learnt lots.

The highlights of our day were learning about how the Victorians did their washing and the bridge building session (which Ruby, Jamie, Milly, Kacie and Matthew won).


We learnt that washing clothes in the Victorian era was a lot harder than it is today. We helped Alice wash her clothes in the Dolly tub. Jamie gave a super explanation to the Victorian lady-Alice, about how a modern washing machine works. She was very jealous of our modern machines.


 Bravely, Milly tested the strength of a bridge that was made without any glue.



In groups, we built bridges out of newspaper and masking tape. We had to make them as strong as possible because Bill was going to test them to see how much weight they would hold.

Below are a few more photographs of our trip and some examples of work we have produced as a result.


WC – 30th November 2015

Christmas Fayre

On Friday, the 4th of December, the school held its annual Christmas Fayre to raise money for the school. Each year group was tasked with making a product to sell at the fayre.



Y5 had made Christmas cupcakes and it was obvious on the day that our delicious treats were the best. Not only did they look amazing but they were very reasonably priced. With the help of a fanatic sales team, all of our Christmas cupcakes had sold out by 3:10pm.



As well as tasty treats made by the children, there was also an array of homemade cakes made by some our parents to help us raise even more money. The chocolate cake in particular proved to very popular and it all vanished before Miss Loveridge or Mr Parkinson could get their hands on a piece.

We would like to thank all our parent helpers and all the parents that came to the fayre. We very much appreciate your continued support.

WC – 7th December 2015

Tommy Ellis Competition Winners!

Earlier in the term, we were lucky enough to have local Author, Jes Parkin, visit us and to tell about her second Novel ‘Tommy Ellis heads North West’. Her stories are based on a young boy named Tommy Ellis, who goes on his father’s trawler and has wonderful adventures.

After telling us about the fishing industry that we used to have in Hull, she then read extracts from her new book. At the end of her visit Jess invited the children to enter a drawing competition. She wanted us to draw pictures of either trawler boats or characters from her story.

This morning she came back to announce the winners. Surprisingly, all of the winners were from Y5 and even more surprisingly all three winners were from our class.


Jes was particularly impressed with Kristiana’s drawing of Tommy Ellis, she said that it was exactly how Tommy would look.

Winners from left to right: Sydney, Kristiana and Nicole
WC – 14th December 2015

Homework Zone

Here you will find some useful links to websites which will help you with your homework.


www.activelearnprimary.co.uk/login : here your child will be able to access reading books and related resources which will support their learning at school.

Spellings WC – 14th December 2015

North America


pressure                          purpose

quarter                            remember

surprise                           enough

famous                            favourite

group                               though

Spellings WC – 4th January 2016

North America


though                             although

thought                           through

various                             build

busy                                 business

fruit                                guard

Spellings WC – 11th January 2016

North America


bicycle                             century

certain                             circle

decide                              exercise

medicine                           notice

recent                              special



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